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Public AppearancesThe parties Ricky attends, the programs he attends, the events he attends and much more. Ricky attended many events throughout his career. Get ready for beautiful images! The photos from the award show are in the 'Award Shows' category.
115 1,930
CandidsPaparazzi photos of Ricky's everyday life. Ricky is the most photographed Latin American male celebrity. Some photos may also have been taken by lucky fans.
29 406
PhotoshootsAll the pictures in this category were shooting by professional artists.
171 1,000
Award ShowsRicky Martin is the most talented, unique, and most successful male artist in Latin American history. That's why he participated in many award shows over the years. He was nominated in many branches and won awards. In this category, you can access red carpet photos from the awards shows, photos during the show, and party photos after the award shows.
83 1,518
PerformancesRicky Martin is an ultimate performer. No other male artist has ever given performances like him. In this category, you can access his concerts and performances photos in TV programs. From time to time, tour photos may also be in this category. (I plan to move the tour photos here.)
38 1,906
Advertisements | CommercialsRicky has appeared on many advertisements and commercials throughout his career. This category contains pictures of the many advertisements Ricky has appeared in, including Pepsi, Nescafe, Burger King, Gig Was Soda and so much more!
Magazines & ScansRicky has graced the cover of just about every magazine in the world. This category contains scans of pictures, interviews and articles from popular magazines around the world.
2 7
MerchandiseFrom CDs, to DVDs, to books, to dolls to just about everything you can think of, Ricky has got it all. This category contains pictures of just about every product Ricky's face has appeared on.
4 28
MiscellaneousPictures that just couldn't fit anywhere else. This category contains all kinds, from pictures of Ricky's houses, dogs, documents and even some of Ricky's personal pictures.
Music VideosRicky has been known to make headline grabbing videos. This category contains captures from all of him amazing music videos and also behind the scene photos!
11 3,564
ScreencapturesRicky has appeared on everything, from TV shows to awards shows and much more. This category contains captures from the TV, VHS, DVDs and so much more!
Social MediaSince the early 2010s, social media has become a worldwide passion. This passion applies to Ricky. In this category, you can see the photos shared on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
10 852
ToursRicky has toured around the world several times providing fans to watch this amazing performer live. This category contains pictures from all of his tours. This category may merge with 'Performances' in the near future.
21 474
Jwan YosefImage sharing area entirely focused on Jwan Yosef. All photos in this category are focused on Jwan. The photos he displays with Ricky are in Ricky's own category.
10 205
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